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Labor Market Infomation Brochure

    Summary of North Central Texas InterLink's key industries and targeted occupations. Includes occupational information such as job descriptions, wage ranges, and average training times.
InterLink's 2017 Annual Report

    Provides a year-end summary of InterLink's program and accomplishments.
Texas Middle-Skill Jobs

    Middle-skill jobs, which require education beyond high school but not a four-year degree, make up the largest part of America's and Texas' labor market. Key industries in Texas are unable to find enough sufficiently trained workers to fill these jobs.
What Employers Want

    Local industry representatives offer valuable advice on the most important qualities and characteristics of successful employees.
Preparing to Compete in the Global Marketplace

    Employer response to the question: As Globalization of the Workforce continues to evolve, how can students prepare themselves to compete in a global workforce upon graduation from high school?
Why Work in North Central Texas

    Employer response to the question: From your perspective as a business leader, how does North Central Texas rate as a unit of measurement in meeting your business needs?
County Statistical Profiles

    Statistical summary of North Central Texas counties containing information on population, characteristics, employment, and wages. Sources: Texas Workforce Commission, Career Development Center, Census, and Bureau of Labor Statistics.
North Central Texas Focus Group Project Final Report

    Report published by the Focus Group Project which questions business and education leaders, students, and parents with a goal of establishing a link between the relevancy of the skills and knowledge that business and industry needs with what is being taught and learned so that students graduating from secondary and post-secondary schools understand their occupational opportunities and are prepared to enter skilled jobs.

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