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Targeted Occupations

InterLink's Targeted Occupations
Identified by Employers for Long Term Growth

North Central Texas Employers provide information about their future workforce needs through Link’s Labor Market Survey. Those surveyed are solicited from a sample of regional public and private employers throughout InterLink’s sixteen county service region. Included in the survey are county and municipal governments, business and professional associations, secondary and post-secondary education institutions, utility companies, economic developers, and local chambers of commerce. Many of the professional organizations and chambers of commerce throughout the region distribute the survey to their membership for participation.

InterLink’s Targeted Occupations are taken from the results of the survey. InterLink also gauges the potential for occupations to remain viable for future employment by measuring them against factors which are considered to be primary causes for changes in the workforce. The most measurable factors include: growing use of computers, other automation and technological changes; changes in business practices; demographic trends; changes in the way medical care is provided; trends in law, law enforcement, and government regulations; and offshoring or outsourcing of jobs and people. After the projected occupational employment is determined, the Targeted Occupations list is developed by considering long term criteria established by the Texas Workforce Commission, which is adhered to by InterLink’s Board of Directors including: 100 or more job openings in 5 years; education or training beyond high school; a minimum entry wage of $10 per hour; occupations are deemed to be more growth than replacement; or, the occupation is considered by the industry to be critical need for the region although it may not meet the above criteria. InterLink also specifically identifies any targeted occupation for the region that may have potential of being sent offshore.

Targeted Occupations Brochure
Targeted Occupations List